A multifaceted approach
to ensuring data quality.

What can dtect
protect you from?

AI-generated responses: dtect uses tailored open-ended screening questions to identify and block participants using generative AI and other online resources to provide inauthentic responses.

Bots and automated scripts: Our Advanced Fraud Detection combines proprietary and best-in-class third-party technologies to eliminate inauthentic survey entrants with confidence.

Location spoofing: A comprehensive approach to location validation and deduplication stops survey farms and bad actors using VPNs and sophisticated botnets.

Problematic participants: Automated, audience-specific prescreeners assess authenticity, because not all human responses are genuine.

Underperforming suppliers: Track projects in real time across suppliers, on your computer or our mobile app, so you can take swift action to address quality issues and adjust sample plans proactively.

Choose what’s right
for you.

Because not all projects are identical, dtect offers the flexibility to combine features that align with project objectives.

Our platform’s easy-to-configure settings empower you to use standard features or fine-tune dtect’s powerful capabilities. It’s all about giving you control to set things up just right for your business and your clients.

Leverage Research Defender in the dtect platform.

Tap into Research Defender’s powerful security capabilities directly in the dtect platform with no additional setup required. Our seamless integration allows you to combine dtect and Research Defender for a tailor-made approach to data quality. Quickly enable features like duplicate score, fraud potential, proxy/VPN detection, nuanced risk factors, and frequent survey taker detection to further elevate your quality thresholds.