Ensure you’re protected against data quality threats by stopping fraud before it starts.

Stop letting bad data cost you time and money.

Tired of wasting hours sifting through and removing low-quality responses? Frustrated by missed deadlines and scrambling to replace discarded participants? dtect nips fraudulent and problematic participants in the bud, ensuring they never compromise your survey. This means your team can shift focus from battling bad data to what truly matters – driving reliable insights. With dtect, your path to consistent, high-quality data is clearer than ever.

Secure Your Clients’ Confidence

Delivering subpar data or making dubious recommendations can instantly shatter your clients’ trust—a risk no business can afford.

With dtect as part of your toolkit, you do more than mitigate risks; you actively protect the integrity of both your data and reputation. Leveraging dtect reinforces your commitment to data quality and empowers you to deliver reliable, representative data, every time.

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What Our
Customers Say

dtect has given us peace of mind that the quality of our online samples meets our standards while at the same time being a cost-effective field management tool. The easy-to-use platform allows us to track the progress of the sample and quickly flag any fraudulent responses.

William Bickford

Source Global Research

Working with dtect has proven to be an excellent experience. It has allowed us to consolidate our data sources effectively, ultimately enhancing our client service capabilities. We now possess a more streamlined perspective on our partners’ performance. This improved visibility enables us to address concerns on a broader scale, transcending individual project-related issues.

Scott Farrell

Gazelle Global